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Industrial Real Estate: Mississauga Markets Attractive for Green Developers


Industrial Property in the GTA

The real estate market has a much farther reach than residential properties. The commercial and industrial real estate markets are a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in. The GTA is a booming centre for industrial development, with cities like Brampton and Mississauga creating the best opportunities. New industrial centres beckon investors with an increasing availability rate and asking rent rates. For example, a report from Avison Young, (a Toronto-based commercial real estate conglomerate,) Mississauga showed a 6.6% availability rate and an asking rent price of $6.24 per square foot in 2015. The industrial real estate market in Mississauga has only continued to climb since then. 


Understanding the Market

Reputable industrial real estate advisors, such as those at JN Asensio, will have extensive knowledge in selling and renting a variety of industrial property types. Having local experience and a knowledge of how the industrial and commercial landscape of GTA cities like Mississauga have grown will provide a greater return on investment. Advisory services can be provided by experienced realty groups for developers, landlords, warehouse and logistical firms, manufacturers and entrepreneurs looking to invest. Prospective investors and buyers should create a check list that will help them isolate exactly what they are looking for in an industrial property.

  • What type of property are you looking for? There are different types of industrial real estate and each one will have specific zoning requirements.
  • Will the property require any special licencing? If there are any hazardous materials produced on the property for example, a Hazardous/Dangerous Goods License will be required.
  • Identify any special requirements the property will need. Some of these requirements may include a storage area for forklift batteries, special bay sizes, oversized dock or drive-in doors, or in-floor pits, (automotive production for example.)
  • What kind of growth space is required? Assess your long-term plan for growing the business, and the space that will be required to support that growth.

Environmental Impact of Industrial Property

With new industrial developments, buyers must be conscientious of the environmental impact construction will have. Buildings can generate up to 35% of all greenhouse gases. When it comes to waste, 35% of landfill waste comes from construction and building demolition. Of all municipal water use, 70% is consumed by commercial and industrial buildings. Climate change is a hot topic and many conscientious municipalities and developers are working to reduce the industrial real estate market’s carbon footprint.  The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a rating system of environmental excellence in over 160 countries around the world. The group promotes sustainability and has certified more than 2,800 buildings in Canada.


Prospective buyers of industrial or commercial properties in Mississauga and other GTA cities are demanding green building initiatives. The Canada Green Building Council surveyed commercial and industrial property owners, and nearly half indicated they are able to lease "healthier” or greener properties more quickly.


Real estate brokers who have experience with Mississauga property will be able to help prospective buyers locate ideal property based on the functional requirements of the industry using the space. They will also be able to help recommend local builders who share a passion for creating a green partnership that provides quality work with an environmentally conscious attitude.